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I have a large selection of designs of which only a small selection are shown here.
If you are looking for something in particular please contact me and I will assist you in finding the right design.

Gemstone Designs



Design : Rhapsody (Doug Menadue) Facets : 71

This design is BEAUTIFUL! It truly is. I originally designed it for a large london blue topaz recut job that I was commissioned to do. The results were spectacular and exceeded expectation. Click on the following link to see this stunning gem. This design can be cut in various L/W ratios and variations to suit the stone.

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Star Cross

Design : Star Cross (Doug Menadue) Facets : 77

A very beautiful and elegant rectangle design. This design I originally created for a tanzanite recut job that I was commissioned to do. The original cutting on the gem was terrible so I created this design to really make the gem something special. Have a look at the tanzanite on the following link.

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Emerald Baguette

Design : Emerald Baguette Facets : 29

My take on the classic baguette style. A nice simple clean design that really highlights the colour in a gem.


Emerald Cut

Design : Emerald Cut (Classic) Facets : 53

In regards to the difference between the various emerald cuts, basically they are all one and the same. This cut, lets call it the "emerald cut", is a classic that has been around for a very very long time and was as the name suggests initially created for emeralds. The idea was that the cut emphasizes the colour of a stone rather then go for brilliance and flash. Emerald isn't a particularly brilliant or flashy stone due to the fact that it usually has alot of inclusions in it. These inclusions dampen the brilliance and instead, emeralds are usually cut for the colour. Its probably become more a "style" of cut and there are subtle variations on the theme but they pretty much all share the standard stepped crown and pavilion. So when you see "Emerald Cut", "Traditional Emerald Cut", "Stepped Cut", etc, they are pretty much talking about the same thing but bear in mind that there may be subtle differences between then. Generally they have three steps on the crown and three on the pavilion. Some larger stones may have more. The angles that are used on a particular stone when it is being cut will vary as well depending on such things has the type of stone it is, darkness/saturation of colour, available material (a shallow or deep piece of stone), etc.


Superb Rectangle

Design : Superb Rectangle (Evan Williams) Facets : 51


Backgammon Board (Vargas, Glenn, Martha)

Design : Backgammon Board (Vargas, Glenn, Martha) Facets : 30


Tourmaline Baguette (Alexandre Wolkonsky)

Design : Tourmaline Baguette (Alexandre Wolkonsky) Facets : 33



Design : Baguette Facets : 17


Baguette Two Step Crown

Design : Baguette Two Step Crown Facets : 25


Smith Bar

Design : Smith Bar (Jeff Graham / Fred Van Sant) Facets : 31

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Signature #3

Design : Signature #3 (Jeff Graham) Facets : 89


The Sultan's Seat

Design : The Sultan's Seat (John Bailey) Facets : 89


More to come...



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