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Bonjour Doug,
I got your black spinel in the mail today. W-O-W. It is GORGEOUS ! Stunning indeed, the cut is amazing and the luster is out of this world ! You are right, for people like me who like black, spinel was the perfect stone.
I am so happy, Doug, and thank you very, very much for a perfect and smooth transaction. Shipping was incredibly fast as well.
Thank you, I really hope to work with you again. Count me in your enthusiast customers !

- H

Good morning my favorite gem cutter,
I got home yesterday to a surprise package. It was my citrine stone. Let me tell is so beautiful! I absolutely am in love with the color, and it shimmers like no ones business! Plus the size is just right! Totally surpassed all of my expectations! I'm so happy that I found you. Out of the entire cyber universe I happen upon you. Definitely meant to be. Also just the way that you presented it also in the nice box with exceptional documentation on that luxurious paper. You're amazing! You definitely are my gem cutter for life! I can't wait to get some earnings next!
Love your work, you're spectacular!

- S

I received the package today, I really love the topaz, they are very very pretty and sparkling, thank you :)

- Crystal

Hi Doug, I recieved the Aqua this morning and it is stunning, but to view it in the daylight it is just dazzling!!! Thank you for your brilliant service and such wonderful craftsmanship. I'll send you some pictures when the gem is set. Thanks again

- Peter

Hi Doug, I just got home to find the package waiting for me :D Wow it is so pretty! I can't stop looking at it!!!! It really is so shiny and golden with that depth and transparency that I love about beryls. Thank you!! It has been a pleasure doing business with you.. I'll definitely be contacting you again in the future for more gem purchases :)

- Agata

Hi Doug, Recieved the gems this week and they are outstanding. Thank you.

- Peng

Hello Doug, I was stunned by the beauty of the Rose De France Amethyst, when I look at it I see a white rose in the centre which is very uncanny because Kelly, Clare and Jack told me the story about how they almost decided to go with the Fiorini design and I didn't know this when the rose first appeared in the stone, its almost like the gemstone holds magic. I keep it on my bedside table and I love looking at it everday, the colouring is just beautiful, it changes from white to pink to lavender, when I hold it up to my neck and look in the mirror it changes again and all I can see is light from the sparkle, I have never seen anything like it. They are going to make it into a pendant for me, I will wear it with pride. All my best wishes and thank you once again for finding this beautiful gemstone for me and for all your work and care. Kindest thanks again for everything, we hope that we can purchase another gemstone in the future!! You have been an absolute blessing.

- Jenny, Kelly, Clare and Jack

The stone arrived today and looks every bit as spectacular as you described. †It's a dark and rainy day here, but it glows and sparkles nonetheless - can't wait to see how it does in sunlight! †I'll be sure to send pics of the eventual setting - many congratulations on your work!

- Chris

Good news, the stone has arrived and I should just like to say how pleased I am with it (not that there was any doubt about that).

- Julia

You made my day!! That is a beautiful†stone.

- Loretta

Just to let you know the Kalli quartz arrived today.† It is truly beautiful.............the cut is perfect for the stone†and we really love how the smokey color comes through..........a huge thankyou!!† Will send you some pics when we have it set.

- Melissa

I am very pleased to have one of your stones and will let you know when I have come up with a suitable design for it.

- Robert

I just wanted to let you know that the stone arrived... It is a beautiful little thing. Thanks again.

- Amanda

Your stone has just arrived and you are right, it is absolutely gorgeous.

- Julia

It's been a pleasure buying from you and I hope to do business with you sometime again in the future as well. I'll be checking on your site from time to time to see what new stones you have for sale.

- Avi

Doug, Thank you so much because Lulu had said your stones are Perfection several times!You make a great team! Yep, they are diamonds! I am so happy you are happy with it! She put 40 hrs. just in the casting and was not happy with the first one , so she made a second one! Still without THAT stone it would have been missing something! I am supposed to get my ring today in the post!!!! I can't wait! I will be back for the both of you ! I still want a honeycomb stone! Thank you again!

- Melissa

It is here safe and absolutely wonderful looking, you couldn't ask for more lovely stone. Yep the stone is actually nicer than the pictures I would say, as with most things I guess pictures don't do it justice. It has been cut very very well, perfectly in fact. Michael is photographing some repro's tomorrow and I can see if we can get some good shots of it for you and send them through.

- Lulu

It's nice to find someone of your standard here in Australia.

- Ben

Got the topaz today and, WOW, is it beautiful!!! Is it just me or is there a trace of blue in there? Itís going to go great with the others. Canít wait! THANK YOU!

- Carla

Hi Doug - Just to let you know that the ring came up beautifully.

- Carol

I wanted to let you know that I picked up the package today. I am very pleased with the utiopia pear and will be taking it to the jeweler tomorrow.

- Catherine

They look awesome!

- Cathy

Thank you Doug for all of the info and for returning my email!! Have a great day!!

- Carolyn

Hi, Doug. Rec'd the stone and ...OMG!!!!!... it is BEAUTIFUL. Really love it. Now on to the fun part. My wax is at the ready! Thanks again.

- Carla

Doug, the stone has arrived - thank you very much. I must say its a stunning cut!

- Chris

Just letting you know my package arrived safe and sound this morning - the spinel looks stunning! I am thrilled. Thank you for your work. I'll certainly be in touch in the future.

- Cinnamon

I really do appreciate the effort you made to explain sapphire mining, especially in Australia. I wanted to tell you that I received my sapphire today. It is gorgeous!! It took my breath away when I first looked at it. Thank you so much for your communication through all of this. I am also glad to know where exactly this sapphire comes from and what practices are used to mine it. I don't know if I mentioned this but I'm going to set this stone for my engagement ring, and I'll try to send you a photo of the finished product.

- Claire

G'day Doug, received the Garnet's thank you, we are tickled pink ! Very impressed with your service and expertise, you really went beyond the contract mate.The cut stones, simply magnificent !!! Have shown a few fellow fossicker's and they are all keen to get their good stones cut by you, here in Australia. Thanks for the pic's, it's very interesting to see the cutting process . Hope to do business with you again in the future :-)) Maybe a big blue stone next time ...

- Craig

Doug, thanks so much for that Citrine bicentennial brilliant....the light return is absloutely astounding, it's a fine stone all around...thanks again....I will be contacting you soon.....David...

- David

Hi Doug the stones arrived to day, and congratulations, they are great

- Delwyn

Its here!!!!!!!!! it's amazing!! literally took my breath away. Its absolutely divine, perfect in every way. Thank you so much Doug, you've been brilliant. I've just sent a pic of it to my fiance (he's doing some gigs in St Petersberg) he loves it too. I will most definitely be getting more stones from you in the future. So quick as well! Thank you thank you thank you

- Ella

I picked up the beautiful gemstone today from the post office and boy it is amazing!!!! The color is so subtle yet vibrant and the cut is so precise yet delicate. You truly have every right to be proud of your creations as my stone is just so great! I'm so excited about my first gemstone purchase and I'm pretty certain it won't be the last Doug Menadue gemstone creation I will own ;)

- Eve

I just wanted to let you know the black spinel (Tut's pyramid) arrived safe and sound, and of course, is perfect!!! Thank you very much for reverse engineering the design, and cutting a stone to specs!

- Greg

The rose quartz has arrived and I think that it is beautiful and am very happy with it. Thank you very much

- Helena

The Topaz arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! You made a fantastic job of cutting them, thankyou. It has inspired us to head off to look for more so with a bit of luck (and hard work) we might have some more for you to cut in the coming months. Thank you for your help and honest advice.

- Jan

I received the stone last week and it looks beautiful have now sent it on to be set into an engagement ring. Thanks.

- Jay






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